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Our Program

Build the foundation for a healthy, fulfilled life.

The fitness industry is filled with quick fixes and “easy” promises. In our experience, it takes time and patience to find strategies that allow us to be both consistent and flexible as we navigate our dynamic lives. Creating change also requires support from others, so that we are able to gain perspective outside of our own experience to get through whatever might be blocking us. BIGMO Fitness coaching provides the attention, compassion, and specific processes required to reframe our thoughts, words, and actions, which are at the roots of our habits, character, and the outcomes of our lives.

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Our program includes:

Initial Consult Form

​Before our initial consultation, you receive a questionnaire to help guide you through the process of intention setting and analyzing what you want to receive from our work together. These responses help us get clear on your goals and serve as a guide for your Initial Consultation. Finally, the Fitness Factors Form is included here, in order to give us a baseline for where you are currently with the Five Fitness Factors: nutrition, movement, sleep, mindset and connection.

60-minute Initial Consult

Our first call together is a deep dive into understanding what your short and long-term goals are, the ways in which your physical and interpersonal environments support/challenge progress, the energy, mindset, and confidence you feel around making changes, and what your daily routines are. We then map out a plan to start taking steps towards your goals in a way that feels clear and manageable.

Three 30-minute Check-In Calls/ Month

You and Morgan will connect through three 30-minute private calls each month. These are powerful touchpoints to ensure that the path you are on is taking you where you want to go, and they allow you to make precise and purposeful adjustments along the way. You come away from each call with clear, achievable, actionable steps to take to get closer to your goals.

Access to Healthy Steps Nutrition App

This customized app allows you to track your progress, link devices that track nutrition and exercise, communicate directly with Morgan, connect with other clients, check off daily habits, and receive reminders.

Personal Planning Practice

On weeks when you do not have a Check-In Call, you receive a Personal Planning Form and have a session blocked off to make time for filling it out. This will serve as a way for you to practice, in a more independent way, making time to reflect on the previous week, and create a clear plan for your fitness the following week. Morgan provides you with structure and guidance to get it done, but you will take full ownership over making the plan. Morgan reads all forms and sends feedback and follow up ideas/questions to consider as you implement your plan.

Fitness Pillars Form

This form is included in the Initial Consult form and then completed every 3 months to track the dynamic nature of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes, and progress related to the Fitness Pillars that provide structure to our coaching and our health-related habits. 

Monthly Group Focus

Every month, as a community, we focus on a particular factor of fitness, habit, or strategy. This is intended to generate momentum and motivation, inspire new ideas, connect with others, and increase overall engagement in the process of working towards fitness goals.


$249/ month

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