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Our Program

Train the Base of the Fitness Pyramid 

The fitness industry is filled with quick fixes and “easy” promises. In our experience, it takes time and patience to find strategies that allow us to be both consistent and flexible as we navigate our dynamic lives. Creating change also requires support from others, so that we are able to gain perspective outside of our own experience to get through whatever might be blocking us. BIGMO Fitness coaching provides the attention, compassion, and specific processes required to reframe our thoughts, words, and actions, which are at the roots of our habits, character, and the outcomes of our lives.

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Our program includes:

Intake Form

​The “B” in BIGMO stands for “begin with the end in mind.” Before your first Private Coaching Call, you receive a questionnaire to begin the process of getting clear on the outcomes you want to see with regard to the Pillars of Fitess: nutrition, movement, mindset, support, and recovery. Your coach will review your responses, and arrive prepared to ask you more about them during your first Private Coaching Call.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

On Mon/Fri at 10:30am and 1:30pm ET, your coach will host group coaching calls live on Zoom. The calls are recorded and shared in a private group chat to access at any time. Clients can submit questions or topics to be covered whether they can attend live or not. The first week is dedicated to getting oriented with the program, and the following 12 weeks are each dedicated to a specific healthy habit that we build together as a community.

2 Private Coaching Calls/Month

You and Morgan will connect through three 30-minute private calls each month. These are powerful touchpoints to ensure that the path you are on is taking you where you want to go, and they allow you to make precise and purposeful adjustments along the way. You come away from each call with clear, achievable, actionable steps to take to get closer to your goals.

Access to Healthy Steps Nutrition App

The Healthy Steps Nutrition app allows you to check off daily habits, receive reminders, communicate directly with your coach, and link exercise and food logging trackers so your coach can help you stay accountable along the way.

Private Group Chat

This is where everyone who is currently active in the BIGMO Fitness community comes together on a daily basis as desired. We get focused on Mondays, celebrate on Fridays, and use the space to share, listen, reflect, and just know that there are others like us pursuing this rebellious, healthy life.

Weekly Group Focus

As a group we explore one of the habits from the BIGMO curriculum each week. The habits are relatively universal, and will repeat every quarter so that they can be reinforced. No matter where you are in your coaching experience, they can either be a new challenge or a familiar reminder to support your own individual experience in the program.

Ongoing Enrollment

You can get started with this program at any time. Everyone in the group is in a different stage of their fitness journey, which provides a rich and dynamic environment to learn from each other, remember where we’ve been, and look ahead to where we want to go.


$149/ month

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