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What is BIGMO?

BIGMO represents the core values of
our coaching process:

egin with the end in mind

Wandering can be nice and relaxing, but if we wander for too long we are in danger of losing our way. When we take the time to think about what it is that we truly want for ourselves, we can root our vision in principles that do not change based on circumstance. When our vision is rooted in sound principles, it makes decisions easy and effortless. We can choose actions that uphold our principles and reject those that go against them. This allows us to feel our feet on solid ground every step of the way.



Our past experiences, relationships, mindset, and habits related to sleep, nutrition, and exercise all affect and depend on each other. We are connected to everything in the universe, and everything in the universe is connected to us, and acknowledging this is critical as we work to optimize our health and wellbeing. Taking care of ourselves allows us to be in the best position to serve the rest of the world.



The pursuit of fitness is a privilege, but we want it to be a human right. Once we learn to unconditionally treat the pursuit of fitness as a privilege, we see every challenge presented as an opportunity. Once we see every challenge as an opportunity, nothing can stop us from getting where we want to be. We are grateful for the opportunity to take care of ourselves and others.



We understand the ongoing, never-ending nature of the pursuit of fitness. It doesn’t end, it only evolves. Consistency, and learning to love the process, are at the heart of mastering this process. We have a clear vision of the results we want to see, and use proximity to those results in order to monitor and evaluate progress. The process of getting to those results, however, is more valuable than the results themselves.



We are motivated by an inner “why” and take personal responsibility for what is within our control. We work to identify the thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that serve and block our pursuit of fitness. We take ownership of our fitness by beginning with the end in mind, recognizing that health is influenced by interdependent factors, showing unconditional gratitude for challenges, and being willing to put in the practice, focus, and attention required to master ourselves and our own destiny.


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